The Soup Kitchen Update

Our efforts at the Soup Kitchen have really struck a chord with our community. More and more, we are seeing new faces show up to receive meals for their families on Mondays and Fridays. Moreover, the thankfulness that so many people express is a warming gift!

It bears mentioning that in the month of April, many donations have come into the church with the express purpose of supporting this ministry. This past month, you all have donated $1671.97! THANK YOU!!

As the Soup Kitchen continues to adapt to the needs of our community, we are also adapting our equipment in the kitchen. We’ve begun the search for a commercial convection oven and upgrading other existing equipment. Your donations go toward purchasing: food needed to serve on Monday and Friday nights,  to-go containers packaging for the meals, and the equipment necessary to upgrade our kitchen.

I want to express my depth of gratitude for all of you for supporting this ministry in all the ways you do. I want to thank the volunteers who are working tirelessly each week to plan, prepare, execute and clean up after each event. And, I want to invite you to become a partner of this dynamic ministry. You can do this in a number of ways:
1) Let us know how you are praying for the Soup Kitchen! It is an encouragement to know that others are joining their hearts to yours! 
2) Donate financially toward the efforts even if you can’t be there yourself.
3) Volunteer! You could volunteer ideas for feeding a large crowd (we’re always looking for recipes), you could volunteer to help clean up/do dishes during and after an event, or you could volunteer to host an event by bringing a meal idea, procuring the ingredients (we have funds available) and heading up the meal prep down at The Well.

However you choose to be involved, we thank you and welcome it!

The Soup Kitchen has been an effective tool for making relationships, sharing all the ways God is blessing us during this time, and providing the hope only Jesus can give. Praise be to God that He has provided the volunteers, time, money and energy for this endeavor!

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